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Specializing in handcrafting since 1992, Logmaster Log Homes is located just east of Big Timber, Montana in the south-central portion of the state.

With personal experience in every phase of log home construction from foundation to finishing, owner-operator Terry Dietzler brings a unique perspective to the building process.

All aspects of log work are done with an eye towards a smooth transition to all following steps in the construction process. From offering design input to minimize future home maintenance, to predrilling all electrical chases, to using lifting straps to minimize finishing costs plus many more details, Logmaster Log Homes enables all trades to perform their specialized tasks properly.

Combining all this with a level of precision logwork only achievable by meticulous hand carving and personal commitment to excellence, the owner is assured of a log home of exceptional and enduring value, beauty and performance as well as a pleasurable and efficient building experience.