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This is a list of our most frequently asked questions. If you have a question that is not answered below, please contact us.

Q: How much does a Logmaster Log Home cost?

A: Generally, full-scribe log work will run from $40 to $70 per square foot. Chink style and piece en piece will run from $35 and up. Your price is directly related to the amount of logs required by your design. Log roof systems vary widely in complexity and cost, but a simple post and purlin system will start around $6 per square foot.

Q: Does Logmaster Log Homes have a planbook?

A: Since we custom build each home, it wouldn’t be productive to limit ourselves to a planbook. However, we have some sample plans available that may be modified for your specific needs. We also work with award winning custom log home designers who do outstanding work at very reasonable prices. For $1.50 per square foot of living space, you can have a custom designed home with 3D flyover views, walkthroughs, sun study, actual 360degree panoramic views, and more. This is an incredible value, allowing you to virtually experience every aspect of your dream home before the first log is peeled. For those who have their own architect, we are happy to work with them to the extent we are needed.

Q: What is included in your log package?

A: We custom fit our log package to your needs, keeping in mind we specialize in log work. We are not salesmen or middlemen for window, door, lumber outlets, etc. Typically, what we provide is listed below:

  • All logs, hand peeled Douglas fir with 14” – 20” diameter
  • All log posts and settling jacks as needed per plans
  • Standard wall height of 9’8” (+,- )
  • Full length logs with no splices
  • All notches and lateral grooves precisely hand-fitted
  • Closed cell gasketing and borate treated lamb’s wool provided and installed at reerection
  • All electrical chases predrilled
  • 5/8” throughbolting supplied and installed at reerection
  • All arches carved and sanded
  • All window and door openings cut and splined with proper settling allowances
  • Ridge log, purlins and wall logs flattened to proper pitch to accept framing
  • Log trusses as needed
  • Original builder to assist your crew in reassembly

Q: What species of logs do you use?
A: We prefer large Douglas fir, chosen for strength and beauty. Other species are available.

Q: Do large logs cost more?

A:13-14" mid-diameter mid diameter is considered standard when we price a home. If you want larger, we can provide them but yes, they will cost more.

Q: Are your logs graded?

A: We will have them graded at a modest cost if you prefer. However, every log is of the very highest quality whether grade stamped or not.

Q: How does a handcrafted differ from a milled home?

A: Milled homes are little more than large lumber (usually not very large, 8” – 12”) mass produced to provide an all wood wall. Milled homes generally utilize the cheapest source of logs available (dead, small diameter, shorter lengths with butt joints) and are designed with the unskilled owner-builder in mind to allow him/her an inexpensive home. The best compliment they can receive is “ It looks like a real log home”. When the home is done they will very nearly equal the cost of of a high quality handcrafted home.

Our handcrafted full-scribe log homes are created to provide the ultimate in beauty, longevity, performance and value. Each log is chosen for a specific function and place in the home. Proper full-scribe construction such as Logmaster Log Homes provides, is the pinnacle of the log building craft.

Q: Is there a lot of maintenance required?

A: No. Excessive maintenance is a product of poor design. With our assistance, your design will help protect the logs from moisture and excessive UV rays.

Q: We have our land, what do we do now?

A:First, be certain you have water and power available, septic approved as well as reasonable access. Things to consider before you contact us will be general size, special needs and wants and approximate budget. Building any type of home is a process that doesn’t happen overnight. If you have prior building experience you have learned that already. If you are a first time builder, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed at all the decisions to be made. Yes, this may be the largest financial decision you ever make and it should be made carefully. We understand the faith you need to place in other people to help you accomplish your project. We are committed to dealing with you honestly and fairly. We do everything in our power to help the whole process move along as efficiently and smoothly as possible for every customer. If you have more questions or need clarification on any aspect of log home construction, please contact us. Thank you for considering Logmaster Log Homes as your partner, and let us help you-

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